As if you need another reason to be at the WAF:

After much deliberation and much Stroh’s, I’m proud to announce the formation of the greatest dj team since the Buzzard Morning Zoo: Drive Time Radio with Kid Flamingo and the 185th St. Shuffle. We (Myself and Jeff Sierputowski) will be making our debut at Blue Arrow Records on Saturday, June 27th from 3:30 to 5:30 as part of the Waterloo Arts Fest. We’ll be spinning what I like to refer to as “All Things Rock” — a mix of classic rock, garage, punk, psych, indie from the ’60s through modern times…

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George Nemeth · Kaboom

June 8th, 2009

Love this post from Tom:

Danny Greene was a folk hero to the neighborhood. He used to donate to my old school St. Jeromes. While in the Collinwood area, Danny rented an apartment at Waterloo road. There, as Ned Whelan wrote in a Cleveland Magazine story called “How Danny Greene’s Murder Exploded the Godfather Myth”: “Imagining himself as a feudal baron, he supported a number of destitute Collinwood families, paid tuition to Catholic schools for various children and, like the gangsters of the Twenties, actually had fifty, twenty pound turkeys delivered to needy households on Thanksgiving.” He would often pick up tabs for friends, neighbors, and acquaintances at a restaurant, and made it a point to leave generous tips.

After moving to Waterloo road, Greene made sure that the neighborhood undesirables were kept in line. He evicted a bookmaker who operated out of a small Waterloo business and kept a local bar in order by personal visits, if things got too chaotic or disorderly. When a rowdy group of Hells Angels moved into Collinwood, Greene visited their headquarters with a stick of dynamite. He threatened to light it and throw it into their club house until they came out to receive a warning to keep things quiet when in Collinwood.

On may 12 1975, On May 12, an explosion rocked Collinwood. Greene’s building was destroyed, but Greene somehow had only minor injuries. As the second floor fell, he was shielded from the debris by a refrigerator which had lodged against a wall. A second, and more powerful, bomb had failed to explode. This second explosion would surely have killed Greene. Greene credited his miraculous escape to the intercession of St. Jude, whose medal he always wore around his neck…

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Had lunch last week with Bill. We talked about this project and was glad to hear about it. Sounds like it’s going well. I wonder when it’ll expand to include Tim & Gloria’s electronic cottage a block or so away:

Free Archwood WiFi currently consists of Open-Mesh minrouters on three front porches as well as in two windows, all getting bandwidth from another minirouter attached to a standard DSL router and serving as the gateway. Each minirouter cost only $29.  (Well, actually, they cost us nothing so far… we borrowed them from One Community, which is “sponsoring” our experiment in viral networking).  Total equipment cost to date: Less than $200.

Most of the nodes have been operating together for the past 48 hours or so, with zero problems or downtime…

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Source: Chuck Crow/The Plain Dealer

Earle Turner, Humble Public Servant:

“I work 24 hours a day.”
“I work this job every single day of the week.”
“This isn’t an attractive job.”
“I have never stopped working hard for the city of Cleveland.”
“I never stop working.”
“I ride my bike. I’m an avid cyclist.”

More from the Plain Dealer: Cleveland Clerk of Courts Earle Turner hired 127 clerks without giving civil service test

  • Clerks for the municipal courts in Akron, Toledo, Dayton and Columbus each have one to four chief deputy clerks, officials said. Cleveland has 166.
  • But he later added that if his employees took entrance tests, the city’s civil service commission would oversee it and determine how many workers the office needs. “I would lose my power,” Turner said. “I wouldn’t have no authority.” (That’s probably the point, Earle.)
  • The last civil service test for a job in the clerk of courts office was given in 1972.
  • The newspaper interviewed Turner three times last week about the parking records. He became agitated Monday and turned his chair sideways several times, refusing to look at a reporter. He also refused to answer certain questions or review records.
  • Tip of the Hat to the Plain Dealer reporters Mark Puente and Gabriel Baird :

    “That the printing presses shall be open and free to every citizen who wishes to examine the proceedings of any branch of government, or the conduct of any public officer, and no law shall restrain the right thereof.”

    – Constitution of the State of Ohio, 1802

    The view from my hotel in Milwaukee this morning

    Milwaukee and Cleveland have a lot in common. It’s surprising to me that the collaboration between these two cities is not stronger. Milwaukee has some interesting regional initiatives underway.

    Chris Thompson, a Milwaukee native now working for the Fund, is a natural connector.

    Looks like the wireless at CLE working better than in the past.

    To Whom It May Concern: Thank you.


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