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ThatGirl writes: “All your empty homes and broken dreams, annually reselling our souls and our firstborns to men in suits who suck us dry, and girls go missing but no one pays attention because they’re from “that side” of town. You get drunk and complain about your losing sports teams. You listen to the same old songs on WMMS or KISS FM…”

My sentiments exactly.

Read the letter @ Cleveland Love: open letter #5: Dear Cleveland.

When I was growing up, Gordon Cobbledick, PD Sport Editor, lived across the street. He’d often ask us to come to the Brown games.

Brother Hunter and I sat there shivering in the old Municipal Stadium, but we had great seats to watch some amazing players: Jim Brown, Lou Groza, Gene Hickerson.

The old days may look like they are returning, though…

  • Heading into the bye week, the Browns lead the league in games played with eight.
  • The Browns are fourth in the league in third-down attempts at 109. The teams ahead of the Browns? The Minnesota Vikings, the New York Jets, and the New York Giants — playoff contenders all!
  • The Browns have one of the least tired offenses in the league as they are third from the bottom in time of possession.
  • The Browns league-low 9.8 points per game is still more than any other team can score on any one play. Even the Saints. In fact, it would take the league’s top-scoring team, the New Orleans Saints, at least TWO plays to score more than 9.8 points.
  • God Hates Cleveland Sports

  • Universities expand roles to include emphasis on economic development
  • Strong institutions promote community, population growth
  • Area leaders say potential from biomedical push is high
  • Officials see future in promising development at university centers
  • Philadelphia and Chicago are both leading cities when it comes to implementing “green” strategies and sustainable development.

    About a week ago, the Philadelphia Environmental Council released a report on building a green infrastructure in Philadelphia. You can access a copy of the report from this page

    Here is a YouTube video of the launch event.

    A New Vision for Vacant Land in Cleveland

    Interesting opportunities with Weatherhead and the Cleveland Institute of Art, I suspect…

    When I was at REI, our best interns came from the Cleveland Institute of Art.

    Does Integrated Creativity Exist Today?

    Interesting idea? Check out Fast Company’s expert design blogs for more.

    BTW, whatever happened to the idea of a Design District in Cleveland? It’s a really good idea.

    (A 2007 WCPN entry said the Design District “has momentum“.)


    Ed Morrison · Region Day

    October 29th, 2009

    Yesterday, I participated in Region Day at The University of Akron. Over 400 participants from leadership programs across the 16 counties of Northeast Ohio registered for the event. In the morning, they listen to Ned Hill of Cleveland State University and Christine Maher of the Fund for Our Economic Future present their ideas on the future of the regional economy.

    We were entertained at lunch by the frank commentary on the health of our region offered by Akron’s mayor, Don Plusquellic. The mayor, never one to shy away from controversy, talked about the sometimes tense relationship between Akron and Cleveland. He also made clear that many of the problems Cleveland confronts should, in his view, be placed on the doorstep of the Cleveland business community.

    The mayor remarked, half in jest, that when he’s outside of the state, he tells business people that Akron is located 100 miles north of Columbus.

    In the afternoon, the participants broke into eight groups. We conducted Strategic Doing sessions with each of these eight groups. The breakouts focused on different components of the regional strategy that is being developed by the Fund.

    So, for example, one group explored how to develop more effective 21st-century skills by making adjustments to curriculum in primary and secondary school. Another group explored ways to support entrepreneurs and high-growth companies more effectively within the region. And another group took on the task of defining some initiatives to improve government efficiency.

    We’ll see how far all of this gets. It is clear, however, that a new dynamic is emerging within Northeast Ohio. It’s less Cleveland centric. And that’s a good development.

    I’m on the organizing committee for Cleveland Startup Weekend November 20-22nd in conjunction with Global Entrepreneurship Week. You may have heard of Startup Weekend as it is a national organizing non-profit based in Seattle that has been around for a couple years and has gotten a lot of press.

    At the beginning of the year Cleveland won the national vote for the next location (as reported here in BFD earlier this year).

    I’m on the committee because I believe in the event. Not necessarily for launching new startups (which is definately a goal) but in helping to strengthen startup cultures in cities like Cleveland by connecting entrepreneurs and their ideas. I also like the event because it is BIG on action and has no room for small talk. In fact, I know of no other tech event to happen in Cleveland where ACTION has the upper hand on talk and planning. My good friend Jack Ricchiuto calls it Strategic Doing 365…or in this case in 52 hours!

    Got an idea? Then convince others, pull your team together and in 52 hours have a working prototype that has been validated by user feedback. The winner is based on both offline and online votes. Doesn’t get any more simple than that!

    There are 3 ways you can help (see links below for supporting docs):

    • First, attend with your idea and/or team. We have 75 slots open at $75 each that we need to fill to create the startup teams. Signup up by end of day tomorrow and get a 20% early bird discount (we also offer a student discount)! Attendees can register before Nov 1, or at after.
    • Become a sponsor at one of the following levels: Presenting Sponsors $5,000, Platinum $2,500, Gold $1,000 or Silver $500 (the docs below list what you get in return for your sponsorship).
    • Help spread the word on your blog and through social media via Twitter, Facebook, etc.

    If you have any questions please comment below or ask (and follow) us on Twitter @swcle. Here are the links to those documents I mentioned above:

    Cleveland Startup Weekend One Page Overview
    Global Entrepreneurship Week Startup Weekend CLE Press Release
    Presenting Sponsorship Form ($5,000)
    Platinum Sponsorship Form ($2,500)
    Gold Sponsorship Form ($1,000)
    Silver Sponsorship Form ($500)

    Thanks for your help!

    An awesome retro ad from my friends at CLE SGS. Would love to see it updated and plastered all over. » Blog Archive » CTS – it’s not hard to take.

    George Nemeth · No on Issue 2

    October 29th, 2009