Decision day A state-appointed review team that’s been looking into Detroit’s finances will have to make a recommendation today. The Detroit News reports officials were working over the weekend to try to reach a deal that would avoid placing an emergency manager in the city.

Not the biggest race in town Wisconsin is the next state in the spotlight for the GOP presidential primary, but are people in Wisconsin really fired up? Reporters for the Gannett news service find that donations to presidential candidates dropped 50 percent this year in Wisconsin, compared to the last presidential race. One possible reason is that people are spending a lot more on statewide races.

Revisiting re-shoring The Chicago Tribune finds more evidence that some manufacturing that used to be done in China is coming back to the U.S.

Your dinner is an invasive species The Michigan Department of Natural Resources is expanding its effort to stop invasive species, and some people are not happy. The DNR now wants farmers to stop raising certain kinds of pigs. One farmer in Indiana says he’s worried the law could spread to his state.

The boomers are all right The Columbus Dispatch is running a series on how the recession has changed expectations for Ohio baby boomers. One result: there’s a baby boomer boom in college enrollment.