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Rumor has it that NorTech recently retained Washington-based consultant Phil Singerman, former head of the EDA….

Energy R&D Network Proposal Has Seattle, Boston Leaders Eyeing Possibilities

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8 Responses to “Is NorTech on top of this opportunity?”

  1. George Nemeth Says:

    Not seeing anything about it on their site/blog.

  2. Brad Whitehead Says:

    Yes! NorTech is on top of this one — and the Fund as well. We have been working closely with Mark Muro of Brookings on this initiative and I am scheduled to be at the kickoff on Monday. Notably, the Ohio Fuel Cell Coalition has also provided a great deal of input.

    This idea is a very exciting one – and, if it goes forward – could be a wonderful opportunity for our region. The tricky part will be that so much of the federal energy funding flows through the national labs and steps must be taken to minimize this turning into a political/financial land grab. Clearly, there is a role for both the national labs (basic research) and the Discovery Innovation Institutes (commercialization/applications/business acceleration)but will rationality prevail???

    Thanks for featuring this.

  3. Brad Whitehead Says:

    I connected with Mark Muro of Brookings again today who reminded me that NorTech is listed as one of the exemplary efforts in their longer report. The summary report also makes the following comment about the Fund and its support to BioEnterprise and the Technology Leaders Group of NorTech (report will be available starting Monday).

    I hope our region can further shape – and then seize – this opportunity!

    “Likewise, the Fund for Our Economic Future–an extensive regional philanthropic collaborative—actively provides grants to multi-institutional partnerships to strengthen innovation economy in Northeast Ohio. One of the fund’s investments, BioEnterprise, draws on the research and technology licensing activities of local hospital and university systems to create, attract, and accelerate life sciences businesses in the region. Since 2002, BioEnterprise has created more than 70 companies and concluded over 300 technology transfer deals with industry partners. Another fund initiative supports several collaborative technology projects that have been identified by an alliance of technology leaders from state-funded research centers, hospital and university tech transfer offices, and early-stage venture funders as especially promising for rapidly converting research into business development opportunities in fuel cells, nanotechnology, biomedical sciences, and other sectors relevant for Northeast Ohio’s economic future.”

  4. John Ettorre Says:

    Obviously, the Tech Belt initiative championed by BioE’s Baiju Shah and Congressman Tim Ryan fits into this strategy. It’s an intriguing idea on several levels, not least among which is blending the best of two historic rival Rust Belt cities. It’s the kind of bold, non-incremental-leap thinking that we need lots more of around here.


  5. Ed Morrison Says:

    For those interested in learning more about the Brookings event next week, that Brad mentions in his comment, go here.

    Brad, what are the assets that you hope to bring into this network within the region?

  6. John Ettorre Says:

    That link seems to be inoperative, Ed.

  7. Ed Morrison Says:

    Thanks, John. Careless typing.

    You can go here.

  8. Ed Morrison Says:

    Well, it’s not careless typing at all. WordPress seems to want to add a ” to my text.

    Go here: http://is.gd/itKj