For the last couple of weeks, a group of us (ably led by George Nemeth) have been working with Marc Canter to assist him with his move from Silicon Valley to Northeast Ohio. Here’s a good overview article that appeared in the Mercury News, Silicon Valley’s paper of record.

Most likely, you have never heard of Marc Canter, now 52. But he belongs to that class of unheralded technologists who have played critical roles in the development of Silicon Valley. He has had moments of success, and many near-misses.

But over the past two decades, he has become a fixture of the local tech scene, hijacking conversations at conferences, advocating open technology standards, envisioning a multimedia and social media future long before most, and delighting in his ability to provoke.

Valley’s one-time godfather of multimedia is leaving for Ohio

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  1. George Nemeth Says:

    Thanks for summarizing this Ed. I was at a loss as to how to put it succinctly.

    It’s been an interesting process to see who’s willing to meet with him, hear his ideas, react to him, etc. I have to say that all of the area econ dev orgs—YBI, COSE, Jumpstart and OneCommunity (others he has yet to meet with) have been very receptive and helpful.