“I am so blown away by the welcome I am receiving in the NEO (North East Ohio) area – and today it went even further with this amazing blog post from Lynn-Anne Gries.”

“Though Lynn-Anne focuses on WHY venture capital is a good thing, I’ll ignore the many holes in the VC model and focus on the good news – outside of Silicon Valley, LA, NYC, Boston and D.C. Lynn-Anne’s argument holds water.  Startups DO need an influx of capital – and venture money is the primary way to do that.”

“But the problem is that so many of the high profile VC deals, firms and funds are so insular that all they talk about is Twitter, Twitter, Twitter.  Their singular focus on finding the next Twitter causes them to ignore the companies ‘down the pyramid’, those companies which WON’T go public or be acquired…”

via Marc’s Voice » Why do I love Lynn-Anne Gries?.

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