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December 30th, 2008

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One Response to “links for 2008-12-30”

  1. Christine Borne Says:

    The Ohio City yahoo group has been alive with discussion about whether this crematory expansion is a good idea or not. If it’s a “modern” crematory like the owners claim, then it won’t be that bad of a polluter. (On the other hand, I had a friend in grad school who lived really close to a crematory and the smell was very pervasive and very unpleasant.) On the first hand, I want to support a business that’s been around for 40+ years, but again on the other hand, I’ve been put off by how they’ve apparently treated the people at Gather ’round farm next door (the “chicken people.”) The whole problem seems like a classic traditional neighborhood vs. changing neighborhood, old Cleveland vs. new Cleveland scenario.

    The plus here is that it proves that people in Ohio City give a shit about what goes in our neighborhood. There are plenty of places I’ve lived where no one knows or cares what’s going on.