George Nemeth · links for 2008-10-18

October 18th, 2008

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2 Responses to “links for 2008-10-18”

  1. Gloria Ferris Says:

    Recently, Tim asked one of KT’s friends to be his friend. KT calls me all upset and tells me “Dad, just stepped over the line, tell him the rules, “Don’t make me block him”.

    Turns out Tim was trying to connect to the young man’s uncle who has the same name as his nephew.

    KT was greatly relieved and Dad and I are still allowed to view her page.

  2. Kathy Sena Says:

    George, thanks for the link to my blog! Much appreciated.

    Gloria, thanks for the comment, too. Boy, communication is so important when it comes to all this stuff, isn’t it?