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October 7th, 2008

The Great Lakes from space

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Although Michigan borders four Great Lakes and has the most offshore wind potential, Cuyahoga County, Ohio, is likely to beat it to the punch with a proposed wind farm in Lake Erie several miles from Cleveland.

Last week a task force chaired by the Cuyahoga County prosecutor released an installment in an ongoing $1 million feasibility study giving the project a green light on geologic and wind-potential grounds. If the study continues to yield positive findings, construction of two to 10 wind turbines and a research station could start in about two years.

Studies Lift Hopes for Great Lakes Wind Turbine Farms

Michigan Report: Michigan’s Offshore Wind Potential


Michigan Great Lakes Offshore Wind: Permitting Dry Run (May 2008)


Cuyahoga Wind Energy Task Force

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6 Responses to “Great Lakes Wind”

  1. Carole Cohen Says:

    Yes I was very pleased to read this in The Post; just technical question, why is the Prosecutor chairing the committee? Just an interest of his? I would have assumed it would be someone in Econ Dev. Not that it matters, I suppose!

  2. Mark W. "Some Guy on Bridge" Schumann Says:

    Carole, I think if you want economic things to develop, about the last person you want advice from is… Economic Development. Look how spectacularly wrong they’ve been in the past.

  3. J Murray Says:

    I had the same question Carole did. It strikes me as odd.

  4. Alex Cortes Says:

    My guess is that because the Board of Commissioners commissioned the project, they chose their attorney and chief counsel–Bill Mason to head up the task force.

  5. P J Ebert Says:

    This is an excellent idea so why will it take two years to get started on it. We need power. The wind is power. The only question should be where to place it and/or how many locations it should be placed. For a change the wind can work for us instead of against us and can do it without destroying nature.

    It is really a shame we can’t put little wind units on the top of cars and use them in place of gas. Look funny, well……yes. But I am willing to be laughed at as I drive past gas stations.

  6. Carole Cohen Says:

    We put a client’s Eco Village town house on the market last week…his highest electric bill is 29 dollars. Eco Village has solar panels on all the garages, maintained by the company that made them; wind can do for us what solar panels are doing and I know I am preaching to the choir here. It would be nice if they could do it sooner but 2 years is better than the normal ten!

    I still don’t understand about the guy in charge of this project but thanks for the explanation. Maybe it’s a sign that we don’t have much crime so not much prosecution work to do. And if a prosecutor can get it done better and faster then I say okay! :-)