Went to vote today and met a bunch of neighbors.

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2 Responses to “Busy day at the Board of Elections”

  1. Andrew Morrell Says:

    My wife and I got there just as they were opening, at the same time the rain was coming down moderately. We stood in line, the rain stopped, and 90 minutes later we voted. As we came out of the building, we saw that the front-door line had tripled in size (there was a line entering the rear of the building too) – snaking completely around the building back to the BOE’s parking lot. And groups of people continued to stream in as we were leaving. It was a truly inspiring site…

  2. Mark W. "Some Guy on Bridge" Schumann Says:

    Wow. It didn’t look like that on Saturday afternoon–more like a steady trickle.

    This early turnout is FANTASTIC. Thank you, everyone.